a unique vantage point


I solve problems through design.

Art has always struck me because it overcomes every other mode of communication; there is no lack of understanding when we encounter a painting that forces us to stop and look.

I studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and focused my thesis on the psychology of both fine art and graphic design. The rate of our response to (and interaction with) visual stimulation has only increased - this allows artists a unique insight into an audience's mind. This understanding of visual psychology built on a base of color theory, attention to detail, and aesthetic appeal gives me greater insight to both the design process and its practical application.  

Over the duration of my career in both the corporate and nonprofit sector, I have developed a rare awareness of an audience’s interaction with visuals and images. So often, I've seen innovation sacrificed due to inability to translate. I am not only versed in the ways graphics work to reach individuals and serve clients, but I know how to create original, striking content that disrupts the constant stream of stimuli found in our fields of vision today.

I am dedicated to art and design, and fueled by a passion for translation. In a world in which borders no longer exist, design is one of the only planes in which a company can make a lasting international impression. I am thrilled by this new language, because it's one which we all speak. Let’s start a dialogue.


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